MIT Sloan

2013F, 2014F, 2015F

TA for Competitive Strategy (MBA)
An elective focused on introducing strategy frameworks and methodologies. I was responsible for helping develop the syllabus and grading.

2014S, 2015S, 2015F, 2017S

TA / Recitation Instructor for Managerial Psychology (OB) (Undergraduate and Graduate)
An elective in organizational behavior, covering topics such as organizational culture, networks, and negotiation. I was responsible for developing and leading case-method lectures in weekly recitations, grading assignments, and advising students.


TA for Sociology of Strategy (PhD)
An elective surveying literature in strategy and strategic management research. I was responsible for helping grade assignments and advising students.


TA / Recitation Instructor for Data, Models, and Decisions (MBA)
A core class focused on introducing fundamental techniques for using and analyzing data. I was responsible for developing and leading weekly recitations, and grading assignments.

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